Provenance Trail

Original produced by Miles Gordon Technology, plc. in 1989 they went into receivership in June 1990.

After the collapse of MGT, the two prior founders and owners opened a new company called – SAM Computers Ltd and carried on producing some new hardware and games for the Sam Coupe. That company survived until July 1992.

The remaining stock from SAMCo was transferred to a company called – West Coast Computers, it is not believed any new computers were actually made by them and the company seemed to fade away around 1998.

In 2017 Andrews UK Limited, registered ‘Sam Coupe’ as a UK trademark, both in terms of the name ‘Sam Coupe’ and the reinvigorated Sam Coupe logo. This finally bringing the brand full circle to its rightful place, as one of the original UK retro computer brands. The CEO of Andrews UK Limited – Paul Andrews – has previously brought to market other retro brands and computer consoles successfully.

Further to the Sam Coupe trademarks Andrews UK Limited, bought the manual and Sam the Robot rights/copyright from Mel Croucher and Robin Evans.

Andrews UK Limited aims to work with various online and physical archive resources, to allow access to the older assets of the Sam Coupe, while sympathetically cultivating, protecting and growing the Sam Coupe brand moving forward.